Dear Our Partners

Our Company launched its intensive production of traditional medical textilies in 1995. The product is made of materials meeting special medical demands, designed and fabricated in our weaving mill.

Our more important product categories:

  • Medical ladies' wear
  • Medical gentlemens's wear
  • Operating dress and textile
  • Patient's wear
  • Bed textiles
  • Other working clothes
  • Other textiles

In harmony with our philosophy, we are working to supply our partners with textiles meeting all posible kinds of needs at the highest level of the time. Consequently the presented articles form only the basis of our product range. The individual products are always adapted, first of all to our partners' demands. When models are designed, we pay special attention to fashionable look, handiness, comfort and felxibility in usage. We continue to satisfy the progressing and changing trade specifications and requirements. The outstanding quality of our products is guaranteed by approved quality insurance system.

Company leaders:

We have developed the raw materials of our finished goods in accordance with the demands of our customers. The fabrics meet the demands of public health in weaving and elaboration. We make our products to be non-shrinkable: their resistance and colorfastness against laundering on 95 C° as well as their colorfastness against bleaching with hypochlorite is high class.
We have hade the certification of technical parameters of fabrics done by third institution having accreditation in accordance with regulations.

We manufacture our raw materials mainly in two kinds of composition:

100% cotton fabrics
50% cotton 50% PES composition mixed fiber fabrics

100% cotton fabrics

"Imi" Panama weave 145 gr/m2
"Böbe" plain weave 160 gr/m2
"Éva" plain weave 180 gr/m2
"Ádám" plain weave 200 gr/m2
"Nóri" twill 170 gr/m2
"Csilla" twill 195 gr/m2
"Kati" twill  225 gr/m2
"Csaba" twill 225 gr/m2
"Robi" twill 240 gr/m2
Nappy double walled 144 gr/m2
Daniella vespiary 240 gr/m2

Mixed fiber fabrics 50% cotton-50% pes

"Vili" Panama weave 145 gr/m2
"Gabi" plain weave 145 gr/m2
"Gábor" plain weave 160 gr/m2
"Gábor II" plain weave 180 gr/m2
"Nelli" twill 170 gr/m2
"Csibi" twill 195 gr/m2
"Kinga" twill 225 gr/m2

In addition to the listed ones there is technological possibility also to mixed fiber fabrics of other composition.

Please, test us, we welcome you as our partner!

Company leaders:

Vrbovszki László Vrbovszki Lászlóné Vrbovszki Zoltán

MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001